EnTrust Global is a diversified alternative investment firm that manages money for institutions and private investors worldwide. EnTrust Global offers broad investment strategy expertise - including opportunistic co-investments, private debt and real assets, multi-asset and multi-strategy portfolios, hedge fund strategies, and customized separate accounts. EnTrust Global's commingled fund offerings span the liquidity spectrum from daily to quarterly to multi-year funds.

EnTrust Global offers investment solutions through customized portfolios, co-investments, direct investments and established funds across alternative strategies including diversified, strategy focused and opportunistic. EnTrust Global has distinct teams that are responsible for investment research, operational due diligence and risk management.

Opportunistic Co-Investments

Co-investments employ a flexible mandate across asset class, sector, strategy, and geography

  • Diversified collection of idiosyncratic investments intend to capture attractive opportunities in any given market environment

Co-Investments target high-conviction ideas that arise from a dislocation and/or involve event-driven catalysts

  • Opportunities typically involve an element of influence vis-à-vis the target situation
  • Active engagement and insight with respect to the investment, provides level of transparency and control

As a “first-mover” in the space, EnTrust Global began investing with other seasoned investors in 2007 and, as of December 31, 2018, managed $8 billion in dedicated opportunistic capital

Co-investments allow investors to earn a “liquidity premium” by taking a longer duration approach for optimization of profits

Robust deal flow of ~40 potential co-investments ideas sourced per quarter allows for highly selective process

Firm resources leveraged in the sourcing, underwriting and execution of co-investments, including CEO-level focus

Private Debt and Real Assets

The real assets teams are made up of experienced aviation and maritime professionals

Aviation and Maritime finance offer a number of attractive qualities:

  • Low historical correlation to global equities, traditional fixed income, and other real asset categories
  • Assets are mobile (unlike real estate and infrastructure) and can be re-deployed to different regions or routes
  • Steady, predictable cash flows and inflation protection
  • Typically USD-denominated, mitigating currency exposure
  • Provides attractive relative value allocation for investors looking for a real asset portfolio and alternatives to traditional fixed income categories

Maritime: Blue Ocean engages in direct lending and similar financing opportunities to vessel owners and operators and other maritime businesses

  • Focus on situation currently being underserved by traditional maritime lenders, including debt financing to small to medium-sized privately-owned shipping companies
  • Team’s experience allows us to take an opportunistic approach to seek attractive asset values presented by the cyclical nature of the shipping industry, the large capital shortfall created by the withdrawal of traditional bank lenders from maritime finance and the variations among different shipping sectors and vessel types
  • Nimble approach to capture opportunities where slower-moving alternative financing sources cannot compete
  • Historically low asset values offer downside protection

Aviation: Blue Sky Aviation will invest in both commercial aircraft debt and leasing opportunities

  • Investments in commercial aircraft have proven to be resilient through market shock events given the attractive supply-demand characteristics of the industry
  • Exposure to assets that have performed well through economic cycles and industry and geopolitical shock events
  • Combination of strong global demand for air travel and stable oligopoly-driven supply backdrop supportive of long-term asset values
  • Access to high-growth developing and emerging markets with a mobile, USD denominated asset
  • Team’s experience allows it to take a flexible approach to seek best value across a variety of assets, while other industry participants are often constrained

Customized Portfolios

Each partnership is structured and managed to meet each client’s investment objectives while complementing their overall portfolio and strategy

Many of our partnership solutions include exposure to our opportunistic co-investments as well as our real asset strategies

Solutions range from traditional customized portfolios built with existing investment partners to bespoke funds to solve unique investment constraints

Fund Strategies and Vehicles

Broad exposure to alternative investments in liquid and transparent vehicles

Thematic asset allocation program, seeking opportunities through investments in all asset classes globally

High conviction portfolios across corporate credit, structured credit, and emerging markets; also including satellite allocations to Event Driven and Global Macro

Daily liquid UCITS multi-strategy funds with alternative fixed income bias

Estimates regarding deal flow are an approximation and actual deal flows may vary, even materially, depending on various market, investment and global economic factors beyond the control of EnTrust Global. Investment strategies described above are speculative and can lead to investment losses. Co-Investments and other investment strategies may have more concentrated investments than diversified portfolios and may, therefore, be susceptible to greater risks. The summaries above are illustrative in nature and the investment profile/parameter of any particular investment may vary. Statements regarding current conditions, trends or expectations in connection with the financial markets or the global economy are based on subjective viewpoints and may be incorrect.